2007-13 mostly two kinds of cases: jobbing with shops and new ventures of varying profile. Scrolling showcase div has biz cases up to Jobeets, older client references in the FAQ.

Ze box - for net startups, not good. Model Internet Era successes navigate this situation primarily due to their being doer owned and led.

 "Startup?" An excuse mostly. Seen new web ventures succeed as biz quickly. Biz is biz. Jobbing is less problematic. Often can give fixed cost execution on 90 day or shorter jobs.

By  4712,  the World System was ready for my DS. Prior to that US based, essentially an English monoglot, with German as 2nd lang and baby 中文, but moving to i18n basis.

DS Status

Podcasts on the Dominion System in the manner of Hari Seldon's from the Time Vault is the intent of this page, if remembered.