2007-13 mostly two kinds of cases: jobbing with shops and new ventures of varying profile. Scrolling showcase div has biz cases up to Jobeets, older client references in the FAQ.

Ze box - for net startups, not good. Model Internet Era successes navigate this situation primarily due to their being doer owned and led.

 "Startup?" An excuse mostly. Seen new web ventures succeed as biz quickly. Biz is biz. Jobbing is less problematic. Often can give fixed cost execution on 90 day or shorter jobs.

By  4712,  the World System was ready for my DS. Prior to that US based, essentially an English monoglot, with German as 2nd lang and baby 中文, but moving to i18n basis.

Praxis Mobile


About - for my space ( ∫ DS ). This CV-Resume site meant to be self-evident. Current sources page

mobileus A WP multi-site supporting my mobile development line of biz.

EG/Flash Landing ¹ - cube portfolio of work prior to 2011, scroll below intermediate between that and the Praxis Tour².

Desktop version - This version has the maintained biz case scroll. Only supports landscape on tablets ATM..

¹Don't bother if you can't easily enable flash, but it's there if you can. ² Which presumably is how you got here.
( over ) excited


 Why Smart is Smarter in Groups  

ADAPTVSQL ~#22 c.'93

What I called the Givaudan client-server engine. BC link is to github. Important for impact on very large biz.

Northstar MLS #61 Spring 2014

Put new AngularJS Front End on Cold Fusion back office compliance system serving 14K realators.

GMRV ~#62 2014 -

Sr. Software Engineer on W2 for this vendor of Telematics solutions. Case link redirected to my ai feature set product line engineering concept site which has derivatives of some of the developed function.

Case #64 2015/16 -

Sr. Software Engineer on monthly retainer for an established worldwide crowdfunding network, Lucee (CFML), AWS. etc..

Case ~#66 2018 -

Sr. Embedded Software Engineer on monthly retainer for an established vendor of training device. Device is ATMEL uController based.

DNS EPP Upgrade Service
#59 2013/14

Jobbing to support ICANN Registrars upgrade to modern provisioning with providers like Donuts.

iOS/Android Upgrade Service
#60 2014

Android and iOS maintenance. Paths for client subsites privately communicated.

Green Travel Calculator
v 2.0 Mobile App

Update of what began as the One Penny Per Mile starter app with working GPS on Android Market. New general mobile app on Google Play and on Apple store. Sources at github.

ATV5 #50 2012/13

Reengineer 90's Windows TIFF display browser plugin for Windows. Timeline page has trial installer. CSM eligible.

Desktop RTMP Client #55 2013

Develop a video streaming desktop client for a proctoring automation venture. Uses Qt,gstreamer. Production clients for Mac, Windows, dev for Linux

FS DevOps #54 2013

Attempt rescue of Perl RSS syndicator, whose service had an outage after a physical server move.

The Delaney Report
#47 2012

Hybrid classic/.net app. Rescue years backlogged effort to webify a pricey newsletter, with EDI to the author'ss main FileMakerPro. Link not 24/7. tdrinfo@aol.com/password accesses backend with SOAP/WCF controls.Four party horror story.


Generic "Facetime". A driver for functions of some of my other projects, video, Facebook integration, etc.

WFL/DCP (aii.biz)

Work Flow Language/Domain Control Program a central project of my Dominion System (DS) concept.

Public Job Shop 2013/14

Realized-As-Written story of a principals only jobbing site. D7 in 2013-08, d8 with the same 300 some odd d7 modules
in 2013-09ber using C-六

about Biz Cases by Job No.



yello (F<t>)

仁 人 卷 - fullstack generalist

A 5-fold periodization of my carreer starts with Pre-professional  ending  at De Paul in Chicago.  

In computing I'm an extreme polyglot , for preferences see Quadriga. in  paid practice most work has been with C dialects in which I include Java, PHP, js, ruby, etc. First use of OOP was c. '85/6 with Smalltalk at the end of Early Professional and actually before I started seriously with C the next year at start of the OS/2 Era. By the Internet Era  the C had become the C++ culture and the rise of Java resulted in  work with it starting in '00.

In Pervasive Computing, as I move  ever further into both automomous and collectivized doer roles, I continue to resist being cast as a "<X> developer", but happy to get paid experience with an interesting <X>, will often discount rate to do so.